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2 days ago
XRP to $5...
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2 weeks ago
The rise of the XRP token employed by Ripple is the largest gain out of the top five biggest cryptocurrencies.
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1 month ago
Many are so fixated on the price of the crypto's right now that they're missing the fact the biggest growth & positive steps are happening right in-front and all around us.

Partnerships, adoption, test-pilots, regulation, hedge funds, futures etc.

The year couldn't be bigger
1 week ago
#XCurrent is laying the tracks between banks and FIs connecting them to each other.

No point having a ultra high speed train like #XRP if there’s nowhere for it to run.

Time + patience

1 week ago
I think we’d all like to see another one of these tweets in the near future. @HaraldoXRP bring us back the #Fizz